Financial Services

Professional Insurance Systems of Florida is a full service financial firm committed to helping people pursues their financial goals.

Financial Services

Brito & Brito is excited to announce that we have added a Financial Services Department to our firm by partnering with Professional Insurance Systems of Florida.
The partnership between Brito & Brito and Professional Insurance Systems of Florida is an unbeatable collaboration of two well-established companies.
Professional Insurance Systems of Florida is a full service financial firm committed to helping people pursues their financial goals.

Since 1990, Professional Insurance Systems of Florida has served thousands of individuals including but not limited to police officers, fire fighters, CIA agents, FBI agents, retired couples, business owners, and families. 
Our mission is to understand a client’s financial situation, focus on their goals, and create a personalized pre- and post-retirement strategy that will sustain their lifestyle.
Following is a list of some of the products offered by our company:
·        Tax - Free Wealth
·        Pensions
·        Guaranteed Income for Life
·        Disability Insurance
·        Thrift Savings Plans
·        401K Plans
·        Traditional and Roth IRAs
·        Health Insurance
·        Voluntary Benefits

Professional Insurance Systems endeavor is to know and understand your financial situation and provide you with the highest quality information, services, and products to reach your retirement goals. 
In addition to helping you achieve your financial goals, Professional Insurance Systems of Florida has experienced professionals specializing in Home, Auto, Boat, Residential and Commercial, General Liability, and Property Insurance.
Call us today at 305-905-8649 or email we will be happy to provide a FREE, no-obligation confidential quote for all your insurance needs.  In addition, we welcome you to an in home or office meeting to address your financial concerns and goals.

Helping people purse their financial goals since 1990 Professional Insurance Systems of Florida

Let Us Take the worry out of filing your finances!

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“As a Federal Law Enforcement Officer I have found that Brito and Brito Accounting have been more than helpful in squaring away my taxes for the past two years. Making all the appropriate Law Enforcement deductions that are applicable in a timely and courteous fashion. Brito’s experience in dealing with Law enforcement related tax issues have been a great plus for my family and I. Thank you Brito and Brito Accounting.”

Jim Matyas – Customs Border Patrol Officer

“We have been using Brito and Brito for the last 7 years and found the staff to be very helpful and cordial when doing my personnel and business tax returns. The firm is quick and very knowledgeable regarding tax laws and general information surrounding IRS procedures and requirements for police officers and school teachers.”

Mike Liotti – Police Commander & Marta Liotti – Public School Teacher

“Brito & Brito has been handling my taxes for the past seven years. As a Federal Law Enforcement Officer and member of the Foreign Service, Brito & Brito knowledge of tax regulations and their immediate attention and response make them a trusted source for all of my accounting needs. I have been completely satisfied with their service and highly recommend them to fellow Law Enforcement Officers.”

Matthew Kupec – Special Agent US Dept. of State

“I am a City of Miami Firefighter and I’ve been doing my taxes and accounting with Brito and Brito for the past 10 years. Their service has always been very professional and efficient. I highly recommend their office to any Fire or Law Enforcement employee.”

Johnny Fernandez – Lieutenant

“I met George Brito in 1988 while assigned to the Secret Service Miami Field Office. Brito and Brito prepared my taxes that year and every year since. George Brito and his team have always been there to answer any questions and provide any support I might need. This year will be the twenty second year I have used Brito and Brito and I look forward to continuing to do business with George Brito and his team of professionals and would highly recommend Brito and Brito to anyone.”

Pete Ochinko – Secret Service

“I have used Brito and Brito services for more than fifteen years. George Brito has done my Military tax return, my Police Officer tax and is currently managing my Fire Fighting tax return. I have been very pleased with Brito and Brito performance and have not experienced any incidents with the services Brito and Brito have provided for me over the years. I refer him with a high character reference and very dependable results.”

LaBonte F. Sprowl – SFC Army Veteran – Retired Police Officer – Fire Fighter

“I have been a client of Brito and Brito Accounting since 2001. Brito and Brito has always been responsive, timely and knowledgeable to all my questions. George is also very attuned to law enforcement and government employee’s deductions. He and his staff have always been courteous and professional through out the many years I have used his professional services.

Frank Estrada – United States Secret Service

“I have known George Brito personally and professionally for approx. 20 yrs… During this time George has been a trusted friend and successful tax accountant. Brito and Brito works hard to be the best in their profession which is evident in there work ethic and work product. Brito and Brito are dedicated in providing there clients with the best service available in a constantly changing field. I have referred friends and family to Brito and Brito without trepidation and will continue to do so.”

Shawn J. O’Connor – Retired Police Officer

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