Personal Tax

For over 23 years the Brito and Brito mission has been to provide quality tax services that go beyond the scope of traditional accounting.

Personal Tax

For over 23 years we have provided highly skilled accounting professionals specializing in tax preparation for Law Enforcement, Firefighters, Teachers and Military Personnel.

Like most professional services, all accounting firms are not the same. We specialize in the Civil Service fields of Law Enforcement, Firefighters, Teachers and the Military.We have developed a strong understanding and maintain continuous education of the up­dated entitled deductions provided to you by the IRS. You work hard for your money and the IRS has provided special deductions for you in your respective field of service. Unfortunately, you may not receive these benefits because other gen­eral accounting services are unaware or simply overlook them. Let Brito and Brito identify all the deductions provided by the IRS for you. Our fees are the lowest in the industry.

Let Us Take the worry out of filing your taxes!

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